This is a devlog for 2023-08-07—2023-08-31. This is mostly a log for myself so that I remember that I did things, but you may be interested in reading it too, for whatever reason.


Will you really ignore the fact that this devlog is [checks date] 4 months late?


  • mikaelmello/inquire/171 — Don’t .reserve() without a need
  • yuankunzhang/charming/20ImageRenderer only renders the first 400 points in a scatter graph (issue)
    • This was very sad to discover, I wanted to use the library :(
    • (I ended up procrastinating so much, the thing I wanted to make is not relevant anymore)
  • rust-lang/rust/114942 — Imperfect vtable layout with an empty super trait comming after non-empty one (issue)
  • rust-lang/rust/116124 — Properly print cstr literals in proc_macro::Literal::to_string



To be quite honest with you, {reader}, I do not remember what happened in August. I have almost no idea why I’ve done so little. I had a bit of a vacation at the start, but still… Maybe I also had hard time adapting to my (at the time) new job?

Either way it doesn’t feel good to say “yeah, I didn’t do much”, but this is the truth, so here we go.