This is a devlog for 2023-10-01—2023-10-31, or, in other words, the month of October. This is mostly a log for myself so that I remember that I did things, but you may be interested in reading it too, for whatever reason.


It was in October, huh.This was my second in person conference ever and the first in a pretty long time. And it was so awesome. I had the luck to speak to so many cool folks (you know who you are!! <3), some whom I’ve known for a long time online, some whom I’ve never known before, some whom I looked up to, but never interacted with… Just. So. Many. Awesome. Folks!

Coincidentally I moved to Europe at the same time which also contributed to the mindblowedness of the experience. This was/is also fun (both in genuine and sarcastic ways).

Although I prioritized talked to people and so missed a lot of talks, the ones I’ve been to were pretty cool. Still need to watch the recordings of the ones I’ve missed @_@

Really looking forward to the next EuroRust. Although I should probably look for other Rust events I can go to…


  • T-lang triage meeting 2023-10-03 (minutes)
  • T-lang planning meeting 2023-10-04 (minutes)
  • T-lang triage meeting 2023-10-18 (minutes)
  • T-lang design meeting 2023-10-18: consts in patterns (minutes)
    • I’m really hoping we’ll be able to “solve” the issue of constants in patterns…
  • T-lang triage meeting 2023-10-25 (minutes)
  • T-lang design meeting 2023-10-25: Implementable trait aliases (minutes)

As a reminder: those meetings are open to everyone.




  • teloxide/teloxide/950 — Fix CI
    • Imagine having CI that actually prevents you from merging bad code
  • teloxide/teloxide/951 — Make ci-pass job actually fail when some required job failed
    • GitHub actions is somewhat of a joke CI system, given that they don’t properly support failing (see the tokio issue above for more info…)
  • rust-lang/rust/116661 — Make “request changes” reviews apply S-waiting-on-author
    • It is of note that I made this PR on a phone, while I was at EuroRust
      • It’s such a pain to edit stuff on a phone
        • (it was only a config change, so it’s fine tho)
  • rust-lang/triagebot/1733 — Allow switching prs to waiting on review when author has requested a review from an assignee
    • Little nice addition to the triagebot (see previous devlog for more info about triagebot)
  • rust-lang/rust-forge/704 — Add documentation for review request handling feature
  • rust-lang/rust/116776 — Enable review-requested feature for rustbot
  • rust-lang/triagebot/1734 — Allow configuring bot name
  • rust-lang/rust/116399 — Small changes w/ query::Erase<_>
  • rust-lang/rust/116401 — Return multiple object-safety violation errors and code improvements to the object-safety check
    • That’s the PR that introduced the problem I’ve opened an issue for and then reviewed the fix for :p
  • rust-lang/rust/116714 — Derive Ord, PartialOrd and Hash for SocketAddr*
  • rust-lang/rust/116791 — Allow codegen backends to opt-out of parallel codegen
    • Upstream from my work at my job
    • Sadly this got a lot of merge conflicts that I still haven’t figured out how to resolve
  • rust-lang/rust/116793 — Allow targets to override default codegen backend
    • Also an upstream
    • Also is waiting on me figuring out merge conflicts/review questions
  • rust-lang/rust/116762 — Fixup Atomic*::from_ptr safety docs


Not that much for a month for OS contributions, but maybe too much for everything combined for me. Especially the number of reviews, I do not remember doing so many ^^’

I’d say this is a good month, even though it was a hard one.