This is a devlog for 2023-11-01—2023-11-30, or, in other words, the month of November. This is mostly a log for myself so that I remember that I did things, but you may be interested in reading it too, for whatever reason.

Forbidden function casts RFC

I’ve written a small RFC!

To get the full context you should read the RFC, but tl;dr, Rust allows the following:

fn f() {}
let b = f as u8; // get lower byte of function pointer address??

This is not only very cursed, but is also error prone — sometimes it’s easy to accidentally write f as u8 instead of f() as u8. My RFC proposes to forbid those kinds of casts, replacing them with more explicit and less error prone options.


Why was that ever allowed??

Old Rust is wild sometimes…


Somehow I haven’t missed a single T-lang meeting this month!


Next step — attend T-compiler meetings (the team you are actually related to)?

Anyway, here is the list of meeting:

  • T-lang Triage meeting 2023-11-01 (minutes)
  • T-lang Planning meeting 2023-11-01 (minutes)
    • Admittedly I didn’t do anything there. Note to self: there is no reason to come to planning meetings if you are not T-lang.
  • T-lang Triage meeting 2023-11-08 (minutes)
  • T-lang Design meeting 2023-11-08: Minimal TAIT stabilization proposal from T-types (Mini-TAIT) (minutes)
  • T-lang Triage meeting 2023-11-15 (minutes)
  • T-lang Design meeting 2023-11-15: 2024 Edition Review (minutes)
  • T-lang Triage meeting 2023-11-22 (minutes)
  • T-lang Triage meeting 2023-11-29 (minutes)
  • T-lang Design meeting 2023-11-29 “Weak” type aliases in Rust 2024 (minutes)
    • The meeting itself was a bit ???, I feel like a lot of the time everyone was just a bit (or maybe a bit more than a bit) lost and didn’t know what to do. But in the end we’ve reached some understanding of the next steps, so it wasn’t for nothing. Very excited for type aliases to finally check bounds!

As a reminder: those meetings are open to everyone.





The backlog is finally cleared, my devlogs are at the present time!

It’s somewhat sad I didn’t have time/energy to do significant code contributions. I’m trying to change my schedule to do less context switching and have more consecutive time working on rustc, so hopefully I’ll be back on track soon. (no promises tho)