This is a devlog for 2023-12-01—2023-12-11. This is mostly a log for myself so that I remember that I did things, but you may be interested in reading it too, for whatever reason.


  • T-lang Triage meeting 2023-12-06 (minutes)
  • T-lang Planning meeting 2023-12-06 (minutes)
    • This was a fun one, in the end we (me and a few people who did not need to leave sooner) stayed in the meeting for I think 1.5 hours more, because we wanted to hummer down a topic @_@

As a reminder: those meetings are open to everyone. (although not necessarily accessible)




Small devlog, not much to talk about. Mainly because this one is aligned to end on a week end, but the last one was aligned on a month end, so instead of 2 weeks, you get a bit more than 1.